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Health, Safety & Environmental Certified A member of (RIOS)Recycling Industry Operating Std.

Partnering with Fortune 500 companies spanning the Communications, Power, and Manufacturing industries.

About Us
For over 25 years Fortune Metals, a minority owned company, has played a significant role in the reuse and recycling of metals and plastics on a global scale. With a focus on proven environmentally sound resource recovery practices, Fortune handles over 350 Million lbs. of material a year.

With the constant demand on the power and telecom industries to expand and modernize their networks, millions of tons of obsolete and abandoned copper and aluminum cables have been left under the streets of US cities. Fortune's Cable Mining Division focuses on identifying, recovering and recycling these valuable assets.  

Starting in 2006 to meet the needs of the telecom industry, Fortune quickly expanded it's Cable Mining division by offering the same cost saving opportunities to electric utilities. The key to the operation is our fleet of modern MCVs (Mobile Cable Vehicles) that quickly remove and process cable onsite without the need for extensive equipment, reels and support crews. To learn more about the MCV, click on the Telecom or Electric Utilities page.